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About Specialty Beverage Program Supplier >> Royale International Beverage Co.

Quality Frozen Beverages, Made Easy

Royale International Beverage Co. was founded in 1986 by a group of frozen beverage distributors looking for better products and equipment. Royale International Beverage Co. has since grown into a family owned and operated business. The result is a company with over 200 products in all categories of frozen beverages supported by national and international distribution delivering our customers unusually high profits one drink at a time!


The Frozen Beverage Industry has changed greatly over the past 30 years. Today the sale of frozen beverages is in every category of foodservice and is still growing strong.

As the frozen beverage category has grown, so has Royale International Beverage Company by creating successful frozen beverage programs and becoming known as an industry leading innovator. Our programs are dedicated to showing you how to capitalize on your part of a multi-billion dollar industry.

In our 30+ year history we have learned a great deal about “what works” and strive to pass that knowledge onto our customer. We have applied our knowledge and expertise to every part of our beverage programs so that you can enjoy profits and a ‘kink-free’ system. Our shared past experience ensures your future success.

Royale International Beverage Co. has become a nationally trusted beverage supplier. It is our top priority to maintain our position as the nation’s number one source for profitable frozen beverage programs”!

Quality Products. Customer Driven. Guaranteed.

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