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Royale International Beverage Co. is a widely trusted specialty beverage product and program supplier. We are in hundreds of locations across the globe and plan to be in hundreds more.

Once our customers try Royale International products, they don’t go back. The quality of our products, accessories and customer service just can’t be beat.

Check out what our great customers have to say about us below!

“Our customers love our frozen drink line! We have heard over and over that our frozen drinks taste just like the ones they get on their island vacations.”

Go Fish Marina Bar and Grill

“We were impressed with how easy and simple they [smoothies] were to make and how delicious they were. We are proud to say we now serve our customers cool, refreshing, and healthy fruit smoothies, blended frappes, skinny smoothies, and frozen lemonades in three locations in our campground! Royale International gave us a lot of support with hands on training and signage to help us promote our new beverages. Sales are proving to be very profitable, customers are giving us a lot of positive feedback, and our employees love how easy and quick they are to make and clean up! We are very pleased with Royale!”

-Tom Blindenhofer

Lakewood Camping Resort

“Royale International has been a huge boost to our pro-shop sales and our facilities bottom line.  Our smoothie sales have literally doubled since bringing them on board.  They create a step by step process and all you have to do is follow it.  The smoothies taste great too!”

-Patrick Flynn

North Myrtle Aquatic Fitness Center

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