Frequently Asked Questions About Royale International Beverage Co.'s Products and Programs

”What beverage categories are your products best used for?”

Our products are best for all frozen beverages, including: flavored cocktails, margaritas, daiquiris, coladas, smoothies, frozen lemonades, blended frappes, energy drinks, slush beverages and more!

Being able to cater to such a wide range of venues makes our products perfect for bars, restaurants, theme parks, recreational venues, entertainment venues, health clubs, campgrounds, cafes, hospitals and more!

”What sets you apart from your competitors?”

First of all, we pride ourselves on our products and our people.

Our products are all portion controlled, shelf stable and delicious!

No refrigeration is required and a large portion of our products are actually gluten free and contain real fruit or real fruit juice.

As for our people- we have some of the best customer service in the country! It is our top priority to satisfy our customers and provide a great experience.

We are also unique in that we are able to provide our customers with on trend and attention grabbing marketing materials.

”Do I need to refrigerate your products?”

Nope! Our products are shelf stable and require no refrigeration which helps you to cut down on any waste due to perishability.

”Do you offer equipment?”

Yes, we do offer equipment for rent and for purchase however usage of our equipment is not mandatory. Our products will work in any blender, freezer, visual machine, etc. that you may have.

For more information on the equipment we offer, please click here or contact us.

”Do you offer signage or display items?”

Yes! We are able to provide large menu boards for your walls as well as drink menus for your tables along with posters, decals, banners and more.

”How do I purchase your products?”

To purchase our products, you can call us to find a distributor near you or place an order with our service reps. Click here to contact us.

”What manufacturer standards do you adhere to?”

All of our products are proprietary and developed by us. Our manufacturing plants are HACCP and SQF (Level 3) approved.

”How do I become a distributor?”

Please contact us for further information on becoming a distributor.

”Do you offer exclusive territories?”

This answer will vary; please inquire with your regional manager or contact our corporate office.

”Why should you choose Royale International over anyone else?”

Royale International Beverage Co. has over 30 years of experience in the beverage industry. We have the expertise and product quality that you can trust.

We have a promise to our customers that we live by:

“Quality products. Customer driven. Guaranteed.”

If We Have Not Answered All Of Your Questions, Please Contact Us For More Information.