Myths Debunked: Shelf Stable Beverage Purees & Mixes

Shelf stable purees and beverage mixes can get a bad rap because they are not seen as healthy or as fresh as refrigerated products. That’s simply not true so we are here to set the record straight.

In fact, our programs focus around our proprietary ‘no waste, no shrink’ concept that utilizes shelf stable products only. Our end product tastes great and our customers are keeping their margins high by avoiding perishable products.

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Myth #1

“Shelf stable products contain more preservatives than actual product.”

FALSE (at least for us….)

Some shelf stable products out there may contain a large percentage of preservatives but they don’t have to. Royale Brands’ purees and beverage mixes are made with as little as .001% of preservative and stay shelf stable up to 12 months.


Myth # 2

“Shelf stable products are made with ingredients that are of lesser quality.”


We couldn’t type the word ‘false’ fast enough on this one. Non-shelf stable products charge a hefty premium for their perishable products but they are actually using the same, if not a lesser, quality of ingredients.

Royale Brands makes quality of ingredients a priority. We offer products that are even made with real crushed fruit to make a real fruit puree mix. That product, for example, actually has the consistency (and the stability) of honey so it feels more like a concentrate and tastes great.


Myth #3

“Shelf stable products don’t taste as good as other products.”


We dare you to try our strawberry daiquiri puree and tell us it’s not the best you’ve ever had. Our customers are continuously surprised the flavor of our purees and mixes taste because we are committed to using quality ingredients that keep your customers coming back for more.

At Royale Brands we have so many beverage mix options. From mixes that are partially made with fruit juice to mixes that are 100% high fructose corn syrup free, naturally gluten free and naturally fat free. We make something for every type of establishment.

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