Three Ways To Use Slush In Your Beverage Program This Summer

Slush is having a moment in 2017 and your establishment should take note.

The weather is hot, we’re stressed and we could use a little fun so it seems fitting that the frozen child-like treat is making a comeback in 2017.

Slush was considered by many to only be a convenience store delight until Sonic began to spread the love by offering an infinite amount of slush flavor combos in 2014. This led to McDonald’s jumping on the slush bandwagon this past April.

Frozen flavors were known to be limited to overly sweet fruit flavors and sticky big-brand cola renditions- until recently.

New slush mix is being touted as artificial ingredient free, artificial color free, naturally sweetened, organic and more leaving your pallet feeling refreshed instead of overwhelmed.

Simply put, slush is being revamped into a healthier clone that we can all get on board with. Most importantly, we’re seeing unexpected flavors being introduced like Rose’, Ginger and Margarita- all of which are making waves on the restaurant scene.

Here are three new ways you can use your slush machines to excite your customers this summer:



1.Think Bourbon Slushies and Frozen Moscow Mules

Frozen fruity cocktails like daiquiris and coladas have always been popular but now traditional cocktails are coming up frozen too. The twist? Add ginger, bitters, spices and more to your frozen cocktails for a refreshing surprise.

Kentucky Sunrise Slushie:

4 oz. Orange Slush

1.5 oz. Bourbon

.5 oz. Grenadine

Orange Peel for Garnish

Stir and serve!


2. Kick The Vanilla Up A Notch

What happens when you add a little non-dairy smoothie creme to a batch of delicious slush? You get what we like to call Creamscicles. A frozen treat, very similar to slush, with a smoother consistency and a cozy vanilla flavor.

Our customers love Creamscicles in the summer because they taste like a cross between a hearty smoothie and a refreshing slush!

(We suggest using our 100% Juice Blends as your base.)


3. Add A Tart Twist

Lemonade? In the summer? Okay, okay. We know that’s not groundbreaking.

How about lemonade flavored frozen slush in the summertime? That’s better.

Grab a two-bowl machine, pick a fruity flavor for one side, add lemonade to the other and let your customers mix their own lemonade concoctions for a sweet and sour slush!

(Check out our lemonade options when you click here.)



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