The Sneaky Way You’re Losing Money On Your Beverage Program Investment

You did it. You took the leap and invested in a specialty beverage program to boost sales at your establishment and get a bite of a multi-billion dollar industry. But something isn’t adding up. You’re not quite making the margins you should be. What’s the deal?

Many beverage programs requiring employees to mix ingredients together run into this problem. They’ve trained their employees to make the drinks and trust that they are competent but the final product just doesn’t taste like it should every time.

While your employees are doing their best, the truth is it’s difficult for them create a drink with consistent flavor, and margins, without a fool-proof process.

Enter: portion controlled beverage programs.

Royale Brands specializes in portion controlled beverage programs because they are the only guarantee to churning out a consistent product.

Many of our competitors rely on training employees to measure ingredients by ‘eyeballing’ them which is detrimental on two fronts for your business. First, they serve up an inconsistent drink which is turning your customers off. Second, your margins are all over the place which can really mess with your bottom line and inventory control. By not using a portion controlled specialty beverage program, you are potentially shrinking your margins by 10-50%!

Royale Brands provides our customers with everything they need to run a profitable specialty beverage program and portion control is only one piece of the puzzle. For more information on how our programs can benefit you or how to find a distributor near you, contact us here.



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