Design Tricks To Create A Drink Menu That Sells

Designing a drink menu is no easy feat. If you’re not getting yours designed professionally, consider the following tips as you create your own.

1. Brand Consistency

First, consider the look and layout of your menu. The ‘feel’ and the colors should match your establishment environment and your logo. Making sure your drink menu is consistent with your brand is the first step in building trust with your customer.


2. Don’t Overwhelm The Customer

Next, you’ll think of what drinks you want to include on your menu.

You don’t want to overwhelm your customers with drink options but you don’t want to limit them either.

There’s not definitive number of options you should have but a general rule of thumb is to have 10-12 cocktail options along with a beer and wine list unless your establishment is known for specializing in a specific liquor category.


3. Get Creative

Cocktail names should never be an afterthought. The name is a lot like a wine label and can account for than 50% of the reason a customer will select a drink option.

Make sure to create a signature drink name as well that ties in with your establishment name, logo or mission.


4. Make Them Want It

Drink descriptions are just as important as drink names. Use descriptive terms like “crisp”, “refreshing”, “tangy” when describing cocktail ingredients to create a picture in your customer’s mind about their drink options.



5. Point Out Your Specialties

Make sure your customers know what’s special about your drink options. Are any ingredients locally sourced? Do you hand blend everything together? Emphasize anything that makes your delivery special.


6. Format Your Drink Prices

First, make sure to include drink prices. You are more likely to have a customer purchase multiple cocktails when prices are listed.

Second, listing drinks from most expensive to least expensive can prove more profitable.

Third, don’t include the dollar sign with the price. For higher end establishments you can even leave off the cents or include ‘.00’ which can seem more upscale.

For more casual environments, end prices in ‘.49’ or ‘.95’ to make the prices seem more inviting.


7. Direct The Customer’s Eye

You want your customers to choose high margin menu items and there’s a few ways to nudge them towards those options.

Customers tend to look at the top right-hand corner of the menu first. After this spot, peoples’ eyes go to the first and last few items on the menu. To push your most profitable drink items, place them in these spots.

You can also visually emphasize high margin items by placing boxes around their titles and descriptions or separating them from menu options using different fonts and colors.

Be choosy about which items you do this with. Usually one or two per drink category is plenty. More than that and the effect wears off.



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